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Why Turf

Synthetic surfaces have come a long way in more than 50 years of history. Today’s artificial turf options are the safest and most cost effective advances ever developed.

Safe Play

High-quality fields keep athletes safer and reduce injuries. Artificial turf is highly playable, offering shock absorption and level playing surfaces, which reduce concussions, shoulder injuries and ACL tears.

A five-year study of high school football injuries on synthetic turf versus natural grass showed 25% less time lost to long term-injures; 43% fewer ACL injuries; 44% fewer concussion injuries; and 16% less time lost because of short-term injuries.

Additionally, athletes playing on synthetic surfaces are not exposed to the harmful chemicals required to maintain grass playing fields.

Grass Surpassed

Artificial fields are ready to go all the time. They stay green and useable no matter the season. The vibrancy and durability outlast brutal weather conditions and sustained usage.

Once installed, turf is relatively low-maintenance. It is an investment that is cost-effective over its life, requiring less water, upkeep and painting than the requirements of a natural surface.

Your artificial field can be used by your community, helping build up your next generation of athletes and making an excellent return on investment.

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